Transitioning to School

Children who turn 4 years old on or before June 30th will usually complete one year of preschool and move into Transition at school after this. In some cases, students will complete a second year of preschool. Decisions around this are made by the family with input from Preschool and School staff. Children who turn 4 after June 30th will continue in preschool for another full year and commence Transition at the beginning of the year after that.

The vast majority of children who complete Rona Glynn’s preschool program continue on to Ross Park’s Transition classrooms. For a number of years, the demand for enrolments at Ross Park has necessitated the implementation of a Priority Enrolment Policy. This is due to Ross Park Primary School being at capacity for the classroom space available. This policy guarantees entry to students living within our Priority Enrolment Area and allows others to enrol, subject to capacity, special circumstances and/ or School Council consideration.

You are eligible to enrol your child at Ross Park Primary School when:

  • two forms of proof of residence within our Priority Enrolment Area are provided or
  • your child’s siblings attend the school

The Principal, in consultation with Ross Park School Council, has discretion for enrolments outside of these situations under the special considerations within the policy.

A map of Ross Park’s Priority Enrolment Area is available in the school office and on the website: Alice Springs Primary Schools Priority Enrolment Maps – Google My Maps

If you would like to discuss enrolment at Rona Glynn Preschool, please contact Sarah George, Teacher In Charge of Rona Glynn Preschool, to add your child’s name to the Expression of Interest list.