Student Voice

Uniform Design

A focus group of students from Years 3 to 6 worked with a set of hoodie designs from Year 5 students to create Ross Park’s winter hoodie design which is repeated on the year 6 shirts. They worked to consider costings, fabric and the story they wanted the design to tell about our school. With the help and support of Aunty Bev and Miss Naomi, the group could tell the story of what the design meant. Here it is:

Footprints Throughout Education

We begin as a toddler at home with family who are first teachers, who help you crawl, walk, talk and share cultural beliefs and ways. We walk into primary school and begin learning new ways to survive and thrive in the outside world. There follows walking into high school for more in-depth education and learning. Then we walk into working life, meeting new people and getting better at working alongside people from all different cultures. We return back to family and our own people to help them with health, finances and living well.

Acknowledgement System

A student focus group designed a variety of options to make the school’s SWPBE acknowledgement system come alive visually. The students embraced the footprints logo from the uniform design and added waterholes to recognise whole class achievements. The same design brief is used for the awards certificates presented to students at assembly, recognising effort to demonstrate our school values of Be Strong, Be Fair, Be Kind.

Thanks to our wonderful students, Ross Park has a visual identity that embeds us firmly as a community proud to be living and learning together in Central Australia.

Northern Territory Learning Commission (NTLC)

The Northern Territory Learning Commission (NTLC) is a unique initiative in Australia that fosters collaboration between schools, the Department of Education and students. It empowers students as “partners in learning,” representing over half of young Territorians in public schools.

Students in Years 5 and 6 hold a two-year term as learning commissioners, with students in Year 6 becoming ambassadors to those in Year 5, supporting their contribution and ease with new learning. The NTLC at Ross Park contributes directly to strategy development at the school, region and system level, with the aim that it leads directly and authentically to ensure continuous improvement. The NTLC’s success lies in its commitment to student engagement and leadership, making it a model for best practices in the public sector.