Annual School Improvement Plan

The focus for improvement at Ross Park for 2024 has been developed through the synthesis of a range of data sources and consultation processes.

The focus for Strengthening Instruction will consist of an inquiry cycle into the school’s Instructional Model, with reference to contemporary research into high impact teaching strategies, and excellence in pedagogical practice. This focus will incorporate the teaching models of RWI and Learning Through Doing, and will create a broader understanding and proficiency in high-quality pedagogical practice, and data literacy, consistently across the school. Additional components to this goal will include the development of a highly capable team, to professional learning, targeted intervention, extension and wellbeing strategies implemented systematically across the school.

The Ross Park Engagement focus for improvement will focus on deliberately designing strategies that aim to improve outcomes through the development of On-Country learning initiatives that foster culturally responsive learning environments and invite Indigenous Language and Culture (ILC) as well as the school community’s languages and cultures into the day-to-day delivery of curriculum, strengthening students’ cultural understanding and continuing to improve the future citizens they become, with a focus in three key areas: actions (through intentional curriculum), behaviours (through student perceptions), and relationships (through community connections).