School Uniforms

Schools are required to offer unisex uniform options for all students available as everyday wear. School uniforms are mandatory in all Territory schools. The following items must be worn as part of a school uniform.:

  • Ross Park School shirt
  • Ross Park School hat – with a brim
  • Ross Park School dress
  • Ross Park Jacket or Hoodie
  • Navy blue or black ONLY – Shorts/long pants/skirt/skort/leggings/tights
  • Year 6 students wear a special polo shirt that they have co-designed.
  • Ross Park School Hoodie

The following optional items may be worn as part of a school uniform in colder months of the year:

  • A jumper/jacket – Navy blue ONLY with no logos or insignias

For health and safety reasons, shoes should be enclosed.

The NT Government issues Back to School vouchers valued at $200.00 per student. At Ross Park, this can be used for the purchase of school uniforms, as well as other school essentials. New shirts were introduced in 2023 with the modernised logo, older designs can still be worn and are sold at a reduced cost. Donations of second-hand uniforms are welcome. Please note that parents may be contacted to review the attire of students if deemed to be inappropriate for school.



It is a requirement of the school that children wear sun safe hats at all times when they are outdoors. This includes coming to and from school. Ross Park hats are available from the front office, or any bucket hat can be worn. Children without approved hats will be confined to undercover areas during play sessions. Caps do not meet the sun safe guidelines. Ross Park School follows the recommendations of the Northern Territory Cancer Council.