The enrolment policy outlines the practice for accepting enrolments at the preschool and how the process is implemented. It takes into account changes introduced under the Australian Government Initiative, Universal Access, referenced below.

NT Department of Education and Training (DET) Preschool Guidelines state

A child is eligible to begin preschool from the start of the school year if:

  • s/he is already 4 years old or
  • her/ his 4thbirthday is on or before 30th June of that year.

In the event of there being vacancies later in the year, children may be accepted to begin from the date of their 4th birthday of that year and would continue preschool for the whole of the following year.

Rona Glynn has a capacity for a maximum of 62 students, spread across 2 groups.

Priority Enrolment Criteria

When the number of students on the waiting list exceeds the Preschool’s capacity, the following criteria are used to determine which students will be offered a place:

  • the child has a sibling attending Ross Park School
  • the family’s home address is in our designated enrolment area (proof of residence may be required)
  • age of the child ie. older children on the waiting list have priority.

The final decision about the offering of positions at Rona Glynn Preschool when the waiting list exceeds the number of places, rests with the Principal of Ross Park Primary School.

Enrolment Expressions of Interest List

Families with children turning 4 should contact the preschool to place their child’s name on the preliminary Expression of Interest list. While this gives the preschool an indication of the children who are possible enrolments, it is not a guarantee of a place.

Enrolment Confirmation

During Term 3, families who have placed their name on the Expression of Interest list and who meet the criteria will be contacted in writing and offered a place for the following school year. Families need to complete the NT DET enrolment form in order to confirm their acceptance. Where possible, families are offered a choice of group for their child. Parents are asked to contribute $280 per year which can be paid to the preschool or through the school. Bank details are as follows:


Where there are too many children on the Expression of Interest list, those families who do not meet the criteria will be notified that they are not able to be enrolled and will be advised to contact other preschools. Thes students may remain on the Expression of Interest list in case of a vacancy.