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Welcome to 2023 at Ross Park Primary School. What an honour it is to lead such a vibrant and friendly school. I joined Ross Park in July of 2022, and we immediately invested in our ongoing improvement journey, building on the successes of the past, whilst continuously, and relentlessly striving to improve. The warm, welcoming and positive culture of the school makes Ross Park and amazing place to learn and grow. Staff are committed to the delivery of high quality teaching and learning, as well as establishing genuine, and meaningful relationships with students and families, to ensure academic and social success for all students.

In 2023 we are focussed on School Wide Positive Behaviour and Engagement (SWPBE), to drive improved student outcomes. Our practice is research informed and contextually relevant. Ross Park’s Annual School Improvement Plan is aligned to the Education NT Strategy 2021-2025, where we are committed to working as one team, Territory wide. This collaborative and connected approach is reflected in all that we do, from the NT Education executive team, through to our corporate support services, our school leadership team, our classrooms, teachers, students and families. We use our collective strength to ensure students at Ross Park experience optimal learning and growth. We look forward to working with you all in this area.

Our classrooms are well resourced, inviting and orderly. Leaders, educators and students work together to build an inclusive learning culture where everyone belongs. Our SWPBE work will continue our tradition of high expectations, underpinned by our school values of Respect – Responsibility – Resilience – Creativity – Equity. Consistent school and classroom routines are taught and embedded across all aspects of the school, guided by our values.

Communication is vital. Our communication processes strengthen our partnerships with families and are key to the success of every child. In line with the NT Education Engagement Strategy, our school reflects and values the rich cultural, social and linguistic diversity of our learners and their families, and provides students with opportunities to be motivated, challenged and see value in their education. We strive to ensure that everyone at Ross Park feels safe, welcomed and supported, through respectful and professional relationships. We are so excited to maintain our long term Ross Park families, and to welcome new families into our community. We look forward to all that we can achieve together!

The Principal
Mrs Penny Weily

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