Aussie of the Month Competition for May 2022

Friday 6th 12:00am - Tuesday 31st of May
Saturday 7th of May 12:00am - Wednesday 1st of June
Sunday 8th of May 12:00am - Thursday 2nd of June
Tuesday 10th of May 12:00am - Saturday 4th of June
Wednesday 11th of May 12:00am - Sunday 5th of June
Thursday 12th of May 12:00am - Monday 6th of June
Friday 13th of May 12:00am - Tuesday 7th of June
Sunday 15th of May 12:00am - Thursday 9th of June
Monday 16th of May 12:00am - Friday 10th of June
Tuesday 17th of May 12:00am - Saturday 11th of June

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A month­ly com­pe­ti­tion that cel­e­brates young people’s sense of cit­i­zen­ship and respon­si­bil­i­ty towards the com­mu­ni­ty they live in.

Stu­dents are intro­duced to the month­ly con­cept in class, but the onus is on them tak­ing per­son­al respon­si­bil­i­ty to enter, if they want to.