Welcome to Ross Park

 "I will always remember Ross Park fondly; I feel I belong here. I have loved every minute." Honour Student nominee 2017

"I am so fortunate as a mother of an ASD child to have someone like her believing in my son, celebrating his differences and accepting him for who he is..." Parent of student in Early Years, about teacher, November 2015.
"We are enormously grateful to all the wonderful teachers and caring staff who contributed over 14 years to our 3 boys' well rounded education. Too many great memories." Parent, February 2016

" xxx has had a fantastic year being supported by his teachers to achieve to the best of his ability.  They have challenged him where challenge was necessary and supported him where support was needed.  I could not be happier than to see xxx achieve outstanding grades, actively participate in lots of great extra curricular activities, take up a team sport for the first time and make lots of great friends." Parent email December 2014

"I personally enjoyed the student led conference very much.  I feel I have a much better understanding of xxx's goals and challenges this year. I am extremely happy with how he is going at school and how you are handling his need for attention and follow through. He is achieving so well in so many areas and he is particularly loving art and science."            Parent feedback after Student Led Conferences



Ross Park Primary School, (including Rona Glynn  Preschool), is on the eastern side of Alice Springs. Alice Springs is a regional town in the southern half of the Northern Territory of Australia located at 23°42'S 133°52'E. Alice Springs has a population of 28,000 people and is the second largest town in the Northern Territory. Alice Springs is known as Mparntwe to its traditional inhabitants, the Arrernte people .
Alice Springs is situated roughly half way between Darwin (the capital of the Northern Territory) and Adelaide (the capital city of South Australia) and is the closest regional centre to Uluru (Ayers Rock) which is roughly 443 km away.
 Due to a lack of classroom space, enrolments for both Rona Glynn Preschool and Ross Park Primary can only be accepted from students living in the Priority Enrolment Zone.
Please ensure you contact the school if you believe you are in the zone and wish to enrol a student. Spaces are VERY limited for 2017 and proof of residence is required.

Contact us for further details.


Please Note: Both the preschool and school are Nut Free  - NO NUT PRODUCTS ALLOWED for health reasons.