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School Uniform

School Council encourages all children to wear our uniform, in colours of red and navy. During winter, many students have colours that are not our school colours. Please keep to the uniform, as stated in our Family Handbook. Thanks!

Fabulous Sports Day

Congratulations for great participation and to STANDLEY who won the Sports Day this year. It was a very successful day, well supported by our families.

Change to Nut Free Policy

As of 22 May, students may have nut products. Please ensure your children know they MUST NOT SHARE food. Good hygiene is important too - reminders about hand washing are helpful.

Eisteddfod Excitement

We moved literally hundreds of students to participate in the Eisteddfod in May. It was a wonderful performing experience.

Priority Enrolment Map

Information is now available at this address on Department of Education website.


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